We teach max. 2 students per an IKO qualified instructor.

Kitesurf Courses Available Price in HKD
 3-day Beginner package Covers all you need to know to get up and going on the board - Up to or completing IKO kiteboarder Level 1 and 2 $4,500
 1-day Kiteboarding Discovery Gives the would be kiteboarder all the information that you need to determine if kiteboarding is the sport for you $600
 1-day Private A private lesson to work on any particular skill you may require $2,000
 1-day Intermediate age Covers any skills you require such as upwind kiting, gibing, water re-launching, and jumping. (Level 3 $2,000
(Note: All Kiteboarding equipments included)

Course detail
This is a fun day covering similiar skills as the 1st day of the 3 day course. This course aims to give you a better understanding of what makes kiteboarding the great sport it is. You should come away with good knowledge of how the equipment works and the varying options. You will gain skills in rigging and flying a 4 line and/or a ram-air trainer kite.
Note: 1 day is roughly 2 - 4+ hours group lesson
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